Industrial Machine


AIM’s repair facility is capable of repairing valves, packing case, fuel injection and air valves. Our facility is dedicated to making sure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently.

Ring & Rider Manufacturing

AIM maintains a large stock of teflon ring/rider material on site to help get your compressor back on line.


AIM offers a complete welding and fabrication facility for the refurbishing of cylinder heads, manifolds and compressor pistons along with many other hard to locate parts.

Machine Shop

AIM boasts some of the most precision equipment and qualified machinists in the Permian Basin. Services include compressor and power cylinder relining, compressor rod manufacturing, piston repair and pump remanufacturing.


AIM has represented Odessa Babbitt Bearing (OBBCO) since opening in 2010. OBBCO is the leader in all low speed engine & compressor bearings and bushings along with high speed compressor bearings and can also engineer them to fit your needs.

We are proud to represent Hydraulic Governor Specialty (HGS) which has emerged as the most reliable and respected governor remanufacturing facilities in Texas Their experience, quality and quick response is unsurpassed.

Safety Seal/ Wesco has long been the leader in power piston ring manufacturing. They have engineered rings to fit nearly any application that arises. Wesco boasts a stock of fuel valve assemblies, cartridges, air valves and lifters that most of the industry has come to depend on.